Preparing to Leave for the Jamboree

My good friend, Randy, created a simple, functional cradle for the propane tank. He is a blacksmith by trade. Earlier in the building of the tiny house, he secured the tanks with braces to hold them in place. Plus last week, bolted the generator to the trailer.

The cradle acts like a girdle around the tank and a shaft in the back of the circle attaches to the tongue of the trailer. Randy tack-welded it first. Then, lifted the tank out of the cradle.

The serious welding began.

Finally,  he made a few adjustments....

And...she is snuggled in next to the generator and ready to go to the Jamboree.
This takes a lot of the stress out of pulling the generator and propane tank out of the back of the truck, getting them hooked-up and ready to go. It's like zipping along in the HOV lane!!!