Dump the Stuff

 Storage cabinet:  I use baskets to store folded tops and bottoms

Storage cabinet:  I use baskets to store folded tops and bottoms

When I take the tiny house to festivals and markets, I open it to the public. One of the most common comments is, "I have too much stuff to live in a tiny house." The first few times I heard this statement, I responded with, "Why don't you get rid of the stuff?" The person's reaction was as if I had slapped her with a knock-out blow. I've stopped making this response. It's futile.

This brings me to a recent development with my 96 year-old Mother. The time has arrived in her life when she can no longer function independently. The bottom line: she needs professional care. A 2,000 sq. ft. house stands unoccupied, but filled with a lifetime of memories. My daughter and I are tasked with sorting, carting and disposing of the stuff. We certainly are not alone in this dilemma. 

In contrast to Mom's house, my 200 sq. ft. tiny house makes it easy to just say NO to stuff. Each item has a function and a place. No multiple sets of dishes. No collection of jeans. That shopping trip doesn't produce a bag filled with stuff. The thrill of accumulating material items is short lived. However, the joy of a new adventure lives forever. Instead of buying more stuff, the money you would spend on chotskies could go toward buying diesel to get you to your dream place.

Your legacy is not in the material things you leave behind, but in the example you set for those that come after you. Get rid of the stuff. Reclaim your life!