Tiny House Jamboree


Around 10,000 people attended the Tiny House Jamboree (Aug 7-9th) setting a record for this first national tiny house gathering. Tiny House Teas was stationed just outside of the entrance at the Western Museum of Mines and Industry in the Pro Bass parking lot. On Friday, people began viewing the tiny house beginning about 8:00. From then on, it was a steady stream of people. 

From my conversations, most attendees were there to get ideas and learn about building their on tiny house. Always the big question is, "Could I live or travel in something this small?"  The other question on everyone's mind was, "what does it look and feel like in real life...not from watching HGTV."  Most people responded with, "Wow, it's much more roomie than I expected." 

Tiny House Teas had many admirers. I would say the tiny house movement is close to the peak of  interest. About half the people I talked to expressed concern about their local regulations prohibiting tiny houses on wheels from being placed on property. I think that will change in the future.  The expense of owning a tiny home isn't just the home itself, but also the land and the truck to pull it. 

We enjoyed the experience and meeting the people.