Tips for Building a Tiny House: trailer prep

Once you have bought your trailer and found a location to begin the build, it's time to get started.

Tip #1:  Make sure your trailer is level. Use cement pads or jacks to level your trailer. Spending time getting your trailer level will ensure that your walls and roof are plumb.

If you're trailer doesn't have a bottom, you'll need to put down a wooden or metal floor so road debris won't damage your tiny home.

Tip #2: It's time to put down the insulation over the base of your trailer. Use XEP or some equivalent type of foam insulation. You will want about 3" to 3.5" of insulation. 

                                This photo shows the plywood floor covering the insulation.

                               This photo shows the plywood floor covering the insulation.

If you are using multiple sheets of foam insulation be sure to glue each layer. Use a glue such as Liquid Nails or Locktite. 

Tip #3: Put the flashing around the edges of the trailer. Since the trailer is metal, the flashing and base plate will make it easy to attach the walls to the the trailer.  You'll need self tapping screws and an impact drill. Drilling into the metal of the trailer is tough. Having a good drill helps.

Our video demonstrates these Tiny House Tips:

Our next Tips for Building a Tiny House will be Framing your Tiny House.